Service Fees

Services Requiring Fees

The Police Department charges a fee for the services listed below. Please check the Fee Schedule (PDF) for the correct amount of each fee.


The Police Department does respond to alarm calls. When installing an alarm, we suggest that you call the Police Department at 707-894-2150 to provide contact information in case of an emergency. There is a fee for false alarms once they exceed four false alarms in one calendar year.

Clearance Letter

A clearance letter is a local criminal history check for the City of Cloverdale only. Forms requesting a clearance letter are available at the Records Division of the Police Department. You must appear in person and present a valid ID. A Clearance Letter Request (PDF) must be completed by the requesting party.

Copies of Police Reports

Not all reports can be released when requested; not all reports are releasable under the Public Records Act. Some reports are exempt from disclosure due to other statutes (for example, Child / Elder Abuse reports, Medical / Mental Illness reports, reports that are not adjudicated, juvenile reports, reports under investigation, etc.). If you have suffered a loss and the report is not available for release, we do offer a loss verification report. This verifies that property was lost or stolen.

In order to receive a copy of a police report, you must fill out a Request for Information or Records Form (PDF).

Proof of Correction

The Police Department does sign off proof of correction on fix-it tickets. There is a $25.00 fee for proof of corrections.

Release of Towed & Stored Vehicles

The Police Department charges a fee for the release of a towed/stored vehicle. This fee is in addition to any and all fees imposed on the vehicle's owner by the tow/storage facility. This fee pays for the officer completing the necessary paper and the dispatcher entering the vehicle into the State database.

Vehicles will only be released to the registered owner or agent. Registration and ownership must be current prior to the release of any vehicle. If the owner is unavailable, a notarized affidavit allowing another person to take possession of the vehicle must be submitted to the Police Department. Vehicles will be released only to a licensed driver.

The Police Department does not impose fees on vehicles that have been recovered after a theft. The registered owner is still liable for fees imposed by the tow/storage facility.

Repossessed Vehicles

In order to get your repossessed vehicle out of storage, you must pay a fee to the Police Department and show proof of payment to the tow/storage facility. This fee reimburses the Department for time spent entering and removing the vehicle in the State database.

Vehicle Identification Number Verification

The City of Cloverdale no longer provides Vehicle Identification Number service.