Engineering Services


The Engineering Department is responsible for developing and managing all public works and capital improvement projects including streets, sidewalks, water mains, storm drains, sewer mains, and bicycle lanes, among other projects. The department also reviews street and utility improvement plans for compliance with applicable design standards and regulations and inspects project construction to assure conformance with approved grading, drainage and storm water plans. The department oversees important City functions, including:

  • Plan check and approval of improvement plans, final maps, and parcel maps
  • Provision of floodplain information
  • Working with the public on day-to-day issues requiring an engineering opinion

Rivers, Creeks & Streams

Cloverdale's creeks, and streams and the Russian River are valuable resources to the City of Cloverdale. They remove water pollutants and improve water quality, provide flood control and storm water drainage, are vital to wildlife habitat and create neighborhood beauty and improved quality of life. There are three major creeks which flow through the City of Cloverdale. These creeks are:

  • Cloverdale Creek
  • Porterfield Creek
  • Cherry Creek

View a map of the total watershed area of these creeks. The City of Cloverdale General Plan has policies and programs that conserve the natural environment and wildlife resources. Learn more by viewing the Cloverdale General Plan.

Permitting Jurisdiction Contacts

The following is contact information for agencies that have permitting jurisdiction over rivers, creeks, and streams within the City of Cloverdale. For questions regarding creek or stream maintenance, please contact the following agencies:

  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, San Francisco Office
    Regulatory Permits
    Phone: 415-503-6774
  • California Department of Fish and Game, Bay Delta Region
    Lake and Streambed Alteration Program
    Phone: 707-944-5500

To learn more about the Russian River and the Russian River Watershed, please go to the Russian River Watershed Association website.

For questions about flooding or flood insurance maps and studies visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) website or call 877-336-2627.

Slow the Flow of Storm Water Runoff

The City of Cloverdale has partnered with our neighboring cities in Sonoma and Mendocino counties to help protect the Russian River. Part of this will include new designs and techniques for landscaping which help "slow the flow" to our streets, creeks and rivers. Details of these changes will be posted on the City's website in the coming months, but in the meantime the State of California has prepared a Film Festival to introduce some of the new concepts.

View the Slow the Flow video.

Visit the Water Quality Outreach YouTube site which has a number of videos including; What the heck is Storm Water Runoff, Rain Gardens, Permeable pavers, Lawn Removal.

Encroachment Permit Process


The City of Cloverdale requires an Encroachment Permit for all work performed in the public right of way. Accordingly, the City has specific requirements with respect to the processing of Encroachment Permits.

If you have general questions, please contact Bobby Spagnola at (707) 894-1728 or 

Download the Specific Insurance Requirements & Required Policy Limits for more detailed insurance information regarding the limits, scope and requirements.

Application Procedure

To obtain an encroachment permit, you must submit the following:

  • Please review the Encroachment Permit Application and Instructions Package before you apply!
  • A legible sketch of plans showing the proposed improvements
    • No plans are necessary when the project has been through the improvement plan review process
  • A set of Site-Specific Traffic Control Plans for the area of proposed work, MUTCD templates will only be accepted under pre-approved conditions from the City of Cloverdale
  • Completed Insurance Policy Endorsement- Please ensure that your companies limits meets the City of Cloverdale's Requirements
  • Completed Certificate of Insurance- Please ensure that your companies limits meets the City of Cloverdale's Requirements
  • Completed Automobile Liability Special Endorsement Form- Please ensure that your companies limits meets the City of Cloverdale's Requirements
  • Completed Worker's Compensation and Employer's Liability Special Endorsement- Please ensure that your companies limits meets the City of Cloverdale's Requirements
  • Engineer's estimate or statement of value of work within the public right of way
  • The performance bond is 100% of the value of the work. For the projects with the estimated value of the work less than or equal to $1,000.00, the minimum bond amount shall be $1,000.00. Please provide the physical bond to the City of Cloverdale to ensure that the entirety of the project is covered, please send the bond to the following address: 
    • 124 N Cloverdale Blvd. Cloverdale CA, 95425 Attn: Engineering Division 
  • The City will accept either a commercial, cash bond or cashiers check in lieu of a bond. The bond can be requested back once the work is completed and signed off by the City of Cloverdale
  • CAL-OSHA permit (required only when excavation is in excess of five-feet deep)
  • A current and active Cloverdale Business License 
  • A current and active California Contractors State Licensing Board License 

Subcontractor Requirements

If you have a Subcontractor doing the work or assisting with the work, the applicant will need to provide the following in addition to the applicants requirements:

  • Completed Insurance Policy Endorsement
  • Completed Certificate of Insurance
  • Completed Automobile Liability Special Endorsement Form
  • Completed Worker's Compensation and Employer's Liability Special Endorsement
  • Subcontractors current and active Cloverdale Business License 
  • Subcontractors current and active California Contractors State Licensing Board License

Review Process

The City will review the project, determine the permit conditions, additional permit fees (added project inspections) and if any additional information is needed. The applicant will be notified when the permit is ready for issuance (fees need to be paid before the permit can be reviewed). Please allow at minimum 2-4 weeks for Encroachment Permit Processing and approval, depicting the complexity of each project or the lack of provided information from the applicant could add additional time to the approval process.

Fee payment is can be paid online through our OpenGov Portal when applying for an Encroachment Permit.

All Encroachment Permit Applications need to be submitted via online through our OpenGov portal


Fee Schedules

Submittal Requirements

Design and Construction Standards


ADU/JADU Resources

Street Sweeping 

Street sweeping in Cloverdale is performed by Recology, Inc. who also provides our trash service. Street sweeping occurs every Friday along Cloverdale Boulevard and a few selected streets within our downtown neighborhoods. Residential neighborhoods are swept once a month.

View the Full Street Sweeping Schedule.