WaterSmart Meter Project

Advanced Metering Infrastructure to Support City’s Drought Response

Cloverdale is committed to increasing the City’s resiliency to cope with and respond to drought conditions. As part of the City’s continued drought response efforts, the City of Cloverdale was awarded a $3,005,000 grant from the State Department of Water Resources (DWR) in September as part of the Urban and Multi-benefit Drought Relief Grant Program to help fund water supply and distribution system projects across the city.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project InformationAdvanced Metering Infrastructure Project Information

Improved Efficiency and Customer Service

The City is beginning its first project funded under the Grant, which will replace and upgrade approximately 3,300 existing water meters throughout Cloverdale to an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system. This innovative “WaterSmart Meter” technology is part of the City’s continuing efforts to conserve water, enhance customer service, replace aging infrastructure, and be more efficient. Currently, City staff manually read customer’s water meters once a month to record water use readings. The Smart Meters will provide safe and secure remote updates to the City’s customer portal in near real-time.

Benefits to Customers

In addition to conserving resources, the WaterSmart Meter upgrades will save water customers money by allowing residents to manage and monitor their water consumption through an online web portal.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project Information

WaterSmart Meter Installation Information

Residents can expect to see work progress across the city over the next year. The City’s contractor will replace and upgrade every customer’s water meter, equipped with communication technology that will allow customers to monitor their water use. If a customer’s meter box is damaged or if it is undersized for the new meter and equipment, the meter box will either be repaired or replaced. It is anticipated that customers might typically experience approximately 30 minutes of water shutoff during installation unless there are further complications.

The City’s contractor will be installing antennas on City poles and the County tower that will allow the customers’ AMI meter to communicate with the City’s Customer Service WaterSmart Portal. The City’s Utility Billing Team will be receiving equipment and software upgrades that would allow it to detect leaks in the water system and securely share water use information with customers through a web portal. 

When completed, customers will be able to see their own daily water usage and make informed decisions on how to manage their water. As the project reaches completion, the City will provide updates and share how customers can connect to the WaterSmart web portal to monitor their own water usage.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project Information


Funding for the Water Meter AMI project has been provided in full or in part from the Budget Act of 2021 Department of Water Resources Logo Opens in new windowand through an agreement with the State Department of Water Resources