Homeless Community Advisory Group

Homeless CAB

In response to the growing community concerns with homelessness in Cloverdale, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 036-2019 approving the establishment of a Homeless Community Advisory Group (CAG).

Purpose of the CAG:

The Goal of establishing a CAG is to hold a series of meetings, wherein advisory group members share their ideas and views based on their experience working with and interacting with the homeless to help form the core content of a Homelessness Strategic Plan for addressing homelessness in Cloverdale. The CAG is meeting regularly to formulate a Draft Strategic Plan.

Cloverdale Homelessness Community Advisory Group

The meeting agendas and minutes are found at the link below:

Homelessness CAG Meeting Agendas

Draft Homelessness Strategic Plan Framework

The City of Cloverdale has developed a Draft Homelessness Strategic Plan Framework to help guide and coordinate efforts of the CAG to prepare a plant to prevent and alleviate homelessness within the Cloverdale community.

Draft Homelessness Strategic Plan Framework

In order to identify meaningful, substantive and relevant strategies, the City intends to rely on extensive community input. The framework will outline the Vision for Success, Guiding Principles, and seven primary Goals that the Plan intends to achieve. Each goal will be connected to a series of Supporting Actions, with detailed recommendations for successful implementation. The Supporting Actions will be presented in detail in Section VI. Performance measures will be outlined in Section VII will be used to monitor the effectiveness of the Plan.

This Strategic Plan Framework is intended to align with regional efforts led by Sonoma County.  The purpose of the document is to provide a framework for categorizing input provided by the people who live and work in Cloverdale and surrounding unincorporated area and is intended to reflect their understanding of the local conditions, challenges, and opportunities for addressing homelessness here in our community

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Assistant City Manager/Community Development Director Kevin Thompson at: kthompson@ci.cloverdale.ca.us or (707) 894-1723