Solid Waste


Recology is the recycling, organics, and garbage collection service provider for the City of Cloverdale. Recology Sonoma Marin offers weekly garbage service to customers. Included in the fee for garbage service is a weekly curbside recycling program and weekly compost service. Garbage service in the City of Cloverdale is mandatory for all residents.

Residents may choose from 20, 32, 64, or 96-gallon rolling garbage carts. The cost of your service is based on the size of your garbage cart. The smaller your garbage cart, the less cost. The blue cart is for recycling and the green cart is for yard waste and food scraps (compost). Garbage collection begins early in the morning, so it is important that your cart be at the curb the night before to assure your collection is not missed.

Cart Size Guidelines

The size of your cart depends on you and your family's needs. Super recyclers or small families may be able to reduce their waste and subscribe to the 20 gallon service.

Please do not over-stuff or compact the cart, as all of the material may not be released into the truck.

VolumeTypical weekly garbage needs for householdsDimensions
20 gallon1 to 2 people who use 1 kitchen-sized garbage bag per week24 inches long
20 inches wide
35 inches high
32 gallon3 to 4 people who use 2 kitchen-sized garbage bags per week25 inches long
20 inches wide
35 inches high
64 gallon5 to 8 people who use  4 kitchen-sized garbage bags per week32 inches long
25 inches wide
42 inches high
96 gallon9 to 12 people who use 5 or more kitchen-sized bags of garbage per week36 inches long
30 inches wide
44 inches high

Residential & Commercial Service Rates

Recology Sonoma Marin provides weekly curbside collection for garbage, recyclables, and compost. Residential and commercial rates are based on the size of your garbage cart. Recycling and compost service are free of charge.

Cart Service Type20 Gallon Charge32 Gallon Charge64 Gallon Charge96 Gallon ChargeExtra Pickup Charge
Low Income (residential)$15.28$20.48$31.78$41.66N/A

Mandatory Recycling Requirement for Commercial Properties

Business Recycling Laws

California's Mandatory Organics Recycling Law AB 1826, (effective April 22, 2016) requires commercial properties to enroll in compost service if they dispose of 4 or more cubic yards of compostable material per week.

California's Mandatory Recycling Law AB 341, (effective July 1, 2012) requires commercial properties that generate 4 cubic yards or more of solid waste per week or multifamily dwellings with 5 units or more to enroll in recycling service.

For More Information

For more information about the services provided to the City of Cloverdale by Recology, visit the Recology website.