Pine Mountain-Cloverdale Peak Winegrowers Association

Pine Mountain-Cloverdale Peak Appellation comprises the northern flank of the Mayacamas Mountain Range that separates the Napa and Sonoma wine-growing regions. It rises 3,000 feet above the Alexander Valley floor and has been home to viticulture since its earliest settlement in the mid-1800s.

The Appellation's high elevation grapes are sourced for ultra-premium California wines that set the bar for quality worldwide. These small-lot, artisanal wines are being crafted by vigneron-winemakers, who begin their projects years ahead of harvest in carefully planted, meticulously farmed vineyards.

Over the past decade, the best of these vineyards have been developed on mountaintops, where diurnal temperatures are extreme, the soil is thin and rocky, and water is plentiful. Mountain grapes are much more difficult and expensive to produce but deliver deeper colors, richer flavors, and more complex wines.

Pine Mountain-Cloverdale Peaks' growers are at the cutting-edge of this movement. From a rich past to a promising future, winemakers are provided access to beautiful high-elevation vineyards, farmed with sustainable, organic methods, to produce the highest quality fruit. For more information on the AVA and growers association, visit the Pine Mountain-Cloverdale Peaks' Winegrowers Association website.