Public Works


The Public Works Department is responsible for the development and maintenance of the city’s infrastructure, including:

  • Design and construction of public streets including sidewalks, street, and traffic signs, and pavement markings
  • Water system including production, treatment, storage, and distribution
  • Storm drain system and stormwater quality and management
  • Sewer and storm drain systems including collection, pumping, and treatment of sewage
  • Capital improvements and general maintenance of the city’s airport

Public Works also provides engineering review and inspection of public improvements for new development projects and for public capital improvement and replacement projects. Engineering staff deals with public concerns including the administration of construction contracts, traffic safety and encroachment permits and maintains and provides information to the public about infrastructure improvements. Engineering staff performs the annual update of the Landscape and Lighting Assessment District Engineer’s Report and master plans improvements to the districts.

Streets / Storm Drains / Facilities

A utility worker working on a concrete area of a city streetStreet department maintenance crews replace regulatory, warning and informational signs, perform graffiti removal on public right-of-ways, and clear debris and obstructions (including removal of deceased animals). Streets staff also maintains City facilities including the library, senior center, and City Hall and provides coordination and support for community events by supplying barricades, access to City utilities, and garbage and recycling bins. Street staff maintains the City’s storm drain system by clearing debris from inlets and cleaning streets ahead of storm events. Street staff supports other Public Works staff by mowing tall grass areas as well as parks, service leak repair, and replacing damaged hydrants.

Street Sweeping

Street sweeping in Cloverdale is performed by Recology, Inc. who also provides our trash service. Street sweeping occurs every Friday along Cloverdale Boulevard and a few selected streets within our downtown neighborhoods. Residential neighborhoods are swept once a month.

View the full street sweeping schedule (PDF).


A piece of heavy equipment working on a large pipeWater Department staff maintains thecCity water system from production at the well fields to treatment at the plant, then storage at various reservoir sites through distribution to City water customers. Duties include operating and maintaining the water treatment plant, maintaining the well pumps, reservoirs, and booster pumps, taking water quality samples, performing regular tank inspections, performing hydrant flushing, locating utilities, repairing leaking service lines, repairing damage to the main distribution system and installing meters. Maintenance of water quality to meet state water quality standards is a priority.


The City of Cloverdale sewer mains and lift stations convey residential, commercial and industrial wastewater into the treatment facility. Wastewater is treated at our facility. Crews respond to service calls for blockage problems concerning the main trunk line collection system. Collection system facilities (pumps, motors, mains and manholes) are serviced on a routine basis or as necessary. Wastewater staff take water quality samples at the plant and at industrial discharge sites throughout the City.