Branding Initiative

Cloverdale Branding Project

In 2007, the City of Cloverdale partnered with the Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce to participate in a study to better understand the unique qualities that define Cloverdale. They chose North Star Destination Strategies to conduct the study and help them develop a logo and theme which could be used to describe Cloverdale.

The study generated information which can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • Promoting Cloverdale, both locally and outside the region
  • Creating a unifying message about Cloverdale
  • Understanding our market better
  • Providing tools for future economic development
  • Fostering a sense of pride within the community

Study Results

The final report contains research data that was collected through a variety of studies. The resulting information will enable the community to better understand itself and the outside community to recognize those qualities that make Cloverdale unique.

The report also contains a number of suggestions for building on our logo and theme, "Genuinely Cloverdale." The City and the Chamber will continue to evaluate how best to implement the strategies included in the report as part of an ongoing economic development program.