Membership Benefits

Membership in the Chamber of Commerce brings with it a variety of great business opportunities:

Business Member Benefits

  • Referrals - Chamber members' businesses receive preferred referrals
  • Special Publications and Lists - The Chamber publishes referral guides featuring members in dining, lodging, professionals, etc., Relocation Packets contain these publications.
  • Labels and Lists - Affordable complete direct mailing opportunities available only to members; ready to use labels are $30, lists are $20
  • Promotional Displays - Display your business cards and promotional materials in the Chamber office
  • Active Promotion - Your business is promoted to other Chamber members, newcomers, established residents, and visitors who are encouraged to do business with you
  • Visitor Center - The Chamber office is also a Visitor Center, part of the Sonoma County Tourism Bureau; out-of-town visitors make inquiries about local businesses, lodging, dining, recreation, and shopping.

Advertising Opportunities

  • Newsletter - "Business Update" is online monthly; display ads are available or insert your flyer
  • Directory - Members only; free listing both alphabetically and by category; additional listings and display ads require a fee
  • Online Member Directory - This directory receives the second and third highest number of hits on the Cloverdale website! We are glad to link to your site.
  • Maps - Periodically updated printings; include membership directory and events calendar
  • Sponsorships - of Chamber Activities
  • Discounted Advertising Opportunities - Sonoma County Tourism Publications offers our members a discount

For more information email the Chamber of Commerce at 707-894-4470.